© All Rights Reserved - Donya Lane & Ed McNamee
With its lush score, 
comic characters,
and historically intriguing book,
it's not difficult to imagine
Lisa's affairs with Leonardo
to be an ideal topic for Broadway.

Audiences, so far, have loved it.

It is our great fortune
to have the completion of this work
coincide with a world-wide peak of interest
in all things Da Vinci,
and the new scholarly proof of Lisa's identity.

Lisa and Leonardo has matured 
through a full and collaborative 
development process,
including an Equity Showcase on Theatre Row.

Now this highly marketable show
is poised and ready
for a regional or commercial production
leading to Broadway... and beyond.

Over the coming months
we'll be reaching out 
to appropriate venues and producers
to help us
hatch the World Premiere.

And, over the coming weeks, we'll be introducing
this re-imagined "Mona Lisa" painting
by French artist, Karina Vitiello,
as our new logo for show posters!
Read more about Karina Vitiello
and her works here.

"Mona Lisa" © Karina Vitiello